Monday, 10 March 2014

Guidelines for E Visa Turkey

E Visa Turkey is an electronic authorization which can be obtained online any time before the travel, as it gets issued at the same time of submitting application. The applicant does not have to contact the embassy for the visa arrangements. The online E Visa is a substitute to the stamp or stickers which were issued at the Turkey border crossing. The entry of the traveller with the online visa is subject to denial by the Turkish authorities due to certain reasons.


As the E Visa is issued electronically, changes or amendments on the same are not permitted. The traveler needs to travel with the same passport details which were entered in the application online, otherwise the E Visa would be invalid for tarvel and he/she would have to apply again for the same.
E Visa Turkey

The E Visa validity commences from the date specified in the application, the holder can enter the country on any date within this period.
If the traveler wishes to stay longer than the stay permitted on E Visa, he/she needs to contact the Local Police Department to apply for a residence permit.

The payment can be made only through Visa or Master debit or credit card for the E Visa Turkey.

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