Thursday, 10 July 2014

Turkey Visa for Benin Nationals

Benin nationals travelling to Turkey  for short term purpose can apply for a Turkey Evisa. This kind of visa is electronically attached to the traveler's passport and the typical stamp is not required. When the applicant applies for this category of visa, the confirmation of successful application is sent to him/her via email.

To apply for the E Visa, following documents is needed to be submitted in digital format:
Turkey Evisa
Benin-Turkey Visa

1. PASSPORT: A clear scanned copy of Benin passport with minimum validity of 6 months during the travel date. Make sure that the scanned copy is clear and has the details of the information pages and the signature page of your passport.
2. ITINERARY: Copy of flight tickets (round-trip).
3. BANK STATEMENT: Copy of the recent monthly bank statement, which must show that the applicant holds sufficient funds to support his stay in Turkey (at least $60 per day).
4. HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Copy of confirmed hotel reservations.

Important Note: While searching for a website to apply for the Turkey Visa online, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions of that website, because there are chances that the company will turn out to be a fake one. These companies promise to get the visa processed and charge you with fees much higher than what is required, and never turn back to the applicant.
To get detailed information on Turkey visa details for Benin Nationals, Please visit: or call 0203 475 8833.

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