Monday, 3 November 2014

Plan Turkey Holidays With an E Visa

Turkey is a destination where travelers can relish an unforgettable holiday experience without burdening their pockets a lot. A place full of fun activities to do, ceaseless beaches, adventure sports, historic to the core and lively beyond limits, these synonyms can perfectly describe the magnificence of Turkey.
Many people descend to this nation every year to savour its unlikely charm and enjoy the plethora of yummy cuisines which are served here. The Immigration Department of Turkey receives thousands of visa applications annually. These applications are a legal letter of permission submitted by the traveler to the government to seek permission to enter the Turkish territory lawfully. Previously the applicant use to visit the nearby Turkish embassy in his/her nation and apply for the visa, but with the innovation and new technologies coming in and making our lives easier, the facility of E Visa has been introduced.

E Visa is basically an electronic application submitted to the government online. These submissions are further evaluated according to the type of visa the applicant has applied for and granted approval consequently. Likewise, the visa is attached to the appliers passport electronically and no stamp is required in the passport. Being the easiest and convenient way of getting a visa, it is highly appreciated and used by the frequent travelers these days.

For information like- who can apply, how to apply, what all documents are needed to apply and from where to apply? The interested traveler can visit:

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