Thursday, 19 December 2013

Availing E Visa Turkey

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Nationals of around 97 countries who are eligible to apply for an online visa for Turkey, can fill up the Turkish visa online application form and avail the visa online.

The Turkish visa online application is a simple and can be completed in few minutes by just sitting at home. No documentation is required, you don t have to visit the Turkish Embassy and no standing in long queues and wait for the appointment is needful. 

Requirements to apply for Turkey Visa online are-

1)     An internet connection.
2)    Passport 
3)    Travel Details 
4)    Credit/Debit Card.

Once the application is completed, the Turkish visa can be downloaded online, which is further required to carry at the time of travel, as the authorities may ask to produce the same at the time of entering Turkey.

The Online visa for Turkey is valid only for Tourism and Trade purposes and if a person wishes to travel for work or study, they need to apply for a visa in person at the consulate or at the Embassy.

Nationals of some countries are required to fulfill certain conditions to become eligible to apply for the online visa for Turkey. These conditions are- flying with Turkish Airlines, fly into and out from Turkey Ataturk Airport only, must have a valid visa/residence permit for any of the OECD member country.

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