Saturday, 10 May 2014

Turkey Visa for Armenia Nationals

Armenia nationals planning to descend to Turkey for personal or business purposes must hold a valid visa before entering the Turkish territory. It is an authorization that grants you permission to enter and exit the Turkey territory. Though travelers must always remember that just getting a visa doesn’t make you liable to enter Turkey, as the entry and exit is subjected to permission by an immigration official present at the time of the actual entry in the territory of the country. Turkey visas are divided into different categories depending on the type of visit of the immigrant, such as- Tourist Visa, E-Visa, Work Visa, Education Visa and Visa to Live.

Documents required to apply for Turkey Visa-

1.    A minimum 6-month-valid passport.
2.    Flight (or any other possible means of transportation) reservation.
3.    A credit card (Master or Visa).
Armenia-Turkey eVisa

 Validity period and procedure to apply for Turkey visas vary from visa to visa. If you are planning to visit Turkey and looking forward to apply for any of the visa, then make sure you go through detailed information about the visa, so that you don’t face any difficulty in getting your visa approved.

To get detailed information on Turkey visa details for Armenia nationals, kindly visit:

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