Monday, 19 May 2014

Turkey Visa for Bahamas Nationals

Bahamas passport holders planning to pay a visit to Turkey must get a valid e visa before their visit to the country.  This visa can be applied for business and tourism purposes. It is an authorization that grants you permission to enter and exit the Turkey territory. Travelers can apply for the visa online.

Documents required to apply for Turkey Visa-

1. A minimum 6-month-valid passport.
2. Flight (or any other possible means of transportation) reservation.
3. A credit card (Master or Visa).
Turkey visa for Bahamas

All you need to do is type appropriate key words on the search bar and your screen will be populated with many visa providing companies. Always make sure to go through the terms & conditions and other policies of these websites before applying for the visa through them. These online websites only help you in processing of your visa, Entry in Turkey is subjected to immigration approval only. Before applying for the visa, make sure that you are eligible to apply for the e visa, if not, then you may apply for your visa by visiting the nearest Turkey embassy in your city.

To get detailed information on Turkey visa details for Bahamas nationals, kindly visit: or call 0203 475 8833. 

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